Consulting Services for Energy Developers and Public Utilities

K. R. Saline & Associates, PLC (KRSA) is an electrical engineering and electric utility consulting firm serving the Southwest. Since 1991, KRSA principals have provided consulting and engineering services to numerous energy developers, utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives.

KRSA conducts engineering and economic analyses for its clients and represents those clients in numerous regional and sub-regional groups that are pertinent to the electric utility industry. KRSA also represents its clients before numerous state and federal agencies with regard to strategic planning, program development, siting processes and policy making. In addition, KRSA provides consulting services for municipal and county organizations.

KRSA clients include irrigation and electrical districts, municipal utilities, tribal utility authorities, and private development companies in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. Major services offered by KRSA include transmission system planning, interconnection and feasibility studies, electric rate studies, power scheduling and marketing, regulatory consulting, federal policy consulting, electric resource planning, facility siting, GIS (GIS) consulting, and renewable energy development.

Notice of RFP

The Southwest Public Power Agency, Inc. (SPPA) is seeking to acquire long term energy supply arrangements through structured power purchase agreements (PPAs). SPPA will consider proposals for five primary constructs and delivery locations described in the RFP below. SPPA is interested in up to 100 MW of new solar or up to 200 MW new Gas-fired generation. Bidder Qualification Applications are due November 17, 2020.

RFP Instructions:
Request for Proposal for Long Term Energy Supply Contracts November 02, 2020
Bidder Qualification Application

A direct link to the RFP host Enel X website is below which also contains a link for question submittals and FAQ.